Creating a Farmhouse Inspired Wine Nook

Are you a lover of all things wine? Do you find yourself excited by the idea of theme related nooks within your home? Do encouraging quotes inspire you? Are eclectic and farmhouse inspired vibes your go-to decorating style? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you are not only my kind of person, but you may also be intrigued by my wine themed nook nestled within my dining area!

This project was one that started in our apartment and only grew within our new home. I began with my need to find a place to store/display my wine glasses without taking up the limited apartment cupboard space I had. After moving into our home, I decided to expand upon the storage element with additional wine elements (think wine bottles themselves and fun wine themed decor). Finally, I incorporated my love for all things quotes and printables and created some favorite sayings to inspire me with every passing.

The end result was one of my favorite nooks in our home… inspired by my love for eclectic and farmhouse vibes!

(Disclaimer: While I do love wine, I am far from a connoisseur. With that said, don’t be shocked by some of the bottles you see displayed. I not only don’t consume the most expensive wine, but I don’t decorate with it either ;)).



Years ago, I started collecting wine corks with hopes of creating some form of a project. With time, the collection naturally turned into a DIY project of its own with very little effort. I simply placed all corks within a glass bowl/vase. Inside, I inserted a smaller glass container, and within that placed a candle. I love the way the light from the flame makes the corks glow! (Note: when lighting the candle, I tend to remove the corks that are higher up in the container as to prevent any from falling directly into the flame. Nothing like a fire to put a damper on enjoying a nice glass of wine.)




This was another quick, easy and inexpensive DIY project. I simply found some frames I loved and got to creating printables. Selecting some of my favorite quotes, I designed them as images, printed them as photos, and inserted them into frames.




Final touches included incorporating a mixture of unfinished woodwork along with black, white and brown accents to match the surrounding feel of my eclectic and farmhouse inspired room. This entire collection was created with a mixture of pieces from: Pottery Barn, Michaels, TJ Maxx and a small local floral shop where I happened to snag the adorable unfinished table.



Does designing nooks and making good use of small corners excite you like it does me? If so, be sure and check out my Command Center nook as well!


DIY farmhouse inspired wine nooke

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  1. Your farmhouse wine nook looks wonderful! It’s all put together so cohesively. Thanks for sharing at Snickerdoodle. We’ll be featuring this at tomorrow’s party. Hope to see you there!

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