How to Easily Build a Command Center

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Every year as New Year’s Eve approaches, I tell myself that my resolution is to become more organized. Then every year, after only a few months, my organizational skills fall by the wayside. Why?– because life gets crazy and it feels like endless needs and plans take precedence over the idea of organizing my life. However, the irony is that my life wouldn’t seem half as crazy if only I had stayed organized from the start. This year, now that we are blessed with kiddo #2, I feel more than ever that I need to make a resolution of organization that will stick. So, say “hello” to my organizational command center!

What about you? Is a more organized lifestyle on your list of resolutions this year? If so, continue reading on how to create a command center for your home. The best part?! Create it quickly and without spending a small fortune to make it possible!

If there was one thing I learned from my “failed” organization-themed resolutions in the past, it was that I need a central location to keep all my dates, lists and reminders together. This is why I found a command center to be my best bet.

Here are the 5 biggest tips I learned about creating a command center:

  1. Central location.

    – Be sure and find a central location in your home to setup up your command center. This should be a place you walk by on a daily basis. After all, what good is having everything organized if you fail to see and thus use it?! [After recent home construction, I found myself with a random wall on the end of a hallway. Seeing as if this location was off of my kitchen, I knew I’d be forced to see my command center daily and thus my command center was born.]

  2. Declutter the space surrounding.

    – It is important to allow your command center to have enough room that you can focus on the items necessary and not be distracted by clutter. Don’t have an open wall you can dedicate? No worries, simply find a smaller section to create your command center. A command center can be as small or large as you desire and have the room to implement. If needed, you can even remove some wall decor in order to incorporate your command center. In no time, your organizational benefits will far outweigh your happiness that the wall decor brought you, promise!

  3. Simplify sections.

    – Don’t have one calendar that keeps track of every appointment for every member of the family, along with family vacations, grocery lists and upcoming events. Too much information is overwhelming and frustrating, in the end leading to failed attempts at being organized. As space allows, create additional calendars, bulletin boards, folders, etc. for different needs.

  4. Label, label and label.

    – Clearly label and breakdown categories that are most important in your life. Note this may change as your life changes, as what may be important one year (i.e. kid’s school lunches), may not be as important the next (when your kiddos are out of school). [For me, these categories include: a monthly calendar, a more detailed weekly calendar, a catch all location for invitations and announcements, a place to sort incoming and outgoing mail, a to do list and a place to jot down grocery and shopping lists easily. However, I know a few years from now as the activities of my kiddos only increase, I’ll need to add an additional kiddo calendar as well.]

  5. You don’t need to spend a small fortune.

    – Many companies will sell pre-made command center organizers. As fabulous as these are, they truly aren’t necessary to get the most out of your command center. In fact if you are at all like me, you may have most of what you need already sitting in your home collecting dust. [As beautiful as the Pottery Barn command centers are, I knew creating one from there was not in my budget. So, I stuck with my tried and true BFF, Target for 99% of my items.]

After implementing the above tips, my end result is as pictured!

I found the top two cork boards, the large white calendar, the galvanized envelope, the two skinny dry erase boards and the clipboard all from… drumroll please… Target! In fact, the clipboard was a Target Dollar Section find (oh how I love me a good deal!). The mail baskets I found from Gordmans (another steal and great location for your organizational home decor).

Want to duplicate this look? 

The galvanized mail envelope can be located here.

The square cork board can be located here.

Similar calendar can be located here.

Similar weekly dry erase board can be located here.


Don’t find what you are looking for at Target?

I’ve also found amazing organizational boards at World Market, Home Decorators Collection and Michaels (click images below to be taken directly there).
   Home Decorators Collection    Michaels Craft Stores, Inc.

 I labeled all items with clear font, cardstock and additional paper matting for cosmetic appeal. As you can see my current command center is heavy on the mail organization. Is it just me or does mail seem to pile up on your countertops all the time too? These tools allowed me to file mail under general “mail” (think magazines, flyers, etc), “attention needed mail” (think bills) and “outgoing” mail.



Additionally, as wonderful as dry erase boards are (and I have plenty to prove my love for them), I knew that I wanted a location for grocery and regular shopping items to be jotted down where I didn’t have to then rewrite them every time I ran an errand. So, I created an inexpensive and easy to make clipboard with tear away paper. You can create one too by simply stapling together (along the top/smaller end) 10 pieces of computer paper. Then cut the paper down the middle to form two sections (stopping your cut line short of the staples). Clip this pack of paper under your clipboard and top with a label to hide your staples. Now every time I think of a new item needed I add it to the list. Then every time I leave for the store, I tear off a sheet of paper. Easy as that!



I’m hopeful my command center inspires you to create one of your own this year! We all know that organization comes in many shapes and sizes. We also know that being organized is one of those things where you get from it what you are willing to put into it. With that said, I plan to continue and share ways I’m implementing this year’s organization resolution in future blog posts. Stay tuned for additional tips and printables to make this year your most organized yet! In fact, be sure to check back this week for a FREE “Important Dates” printable where you can start the New Year off right, not only with being organized, but by remembering those you love most!

Do you think you will give a command center a try? Do you have an organization related New Year’s resolution this year as well? Share below!

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