How to Successfully Complete Your Weekly TO-DO List: FREE Printable

You’ve likely heard that someone is more prone to complete tasks if they are written down. Easy to see, easy to remember, easy to cross off… makes perfect sense. You’ve also likely heard (or experienced) that there is something very gratifying about being able to physically cross off a completed task. These well-known facts have led to the ever popular, TO-DO List.

Nothing helps me stay organized more than a classic TO-DO list. However, more and more I feel that my list grows and my completed tasks shrink. In an effort to make this the most organized year yet I’ve experimented with a few strategies. After a month of success, I’d love to share my FREE printable and four most useful tips!

4 Tips for a Successful TO-DO List:

  1. Daily breakdown. Nothing is more intimidating than an endless list with no set guidelines. Have you ever heard yourself say, “Oh, that I’ll get done tomorrow.”? If so, then you know firsthand that more often than not, tomorrow never happens (at least in the sense of getting “that” done). This was why I found my most helpful strategy was to break my TO-DO down list into shorter daily lists. Less tasks per day is far less daunting.
  2. Plan ahead. I found I was most successful when I filled out a weekly plan sheet every Sunday. I’d start by making a master list of everything I needed to accomplish in the upcoming week. I’d then go through one at a time and assign it to a day of the week. This allows you to balance tasks every day, varying both smaller and larger tasks. No need to create your own as I’ve created a FREE one for you here.
  3. Plain sight. Be sure and keep your TO-DO list in plain sight. Somewhere you walk by numerous times a day is best! If you aren’t reminded several times a day by your TO-DO list, you are far less likely to accomplish what needs to get done.
  4. Move tasks as necessary. If you thought crossing off a task was gratifying, try crossing off an entire day! However, we all know that life happens and things don’t always go as planned. So if the day is coming to an end and you find a task or two yet to be completed on your list, simply move it to the next day and cross off your day. Seeing that “X” is a great motivator for tomorrow’s tasks.

Here you will find my FREE printable, “Weekly Plan“. Simply download, print and watch your completed tasks grow!

Please note that the file for this “Weekly Plan” is for personal use only. Redistribution and/or reselling for commercial use is strictly prohibited. If you would like to share this “Weekly Plan” with friends, you are free to do so but must link directly back to this post. Please do not link directly to the download file. Thank you!

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