Letters to/from Santa: FREE Printables

With Christmas just around the corner, has your child written to/received a letter from Santa?! Don’t worry, you still have time! I’ve created free printables that will make the task a breeze. Please be sure to subscribe to “Simply September” so you have access to downloading these and other FREE printables!

Letter TO Santa

On this official letter to Santa, your child can personalize his or her message with listing a few “nice” things they have done this year. Additionally, your child can draw a picture for Santa while of course including their desired list of goodies.

Download Letter to Santa Here

Letter FROM Santa

 After your child has written to Santa, it is only polite that Santa replies… right?! Follow up with this official letter from Santa that “he” can personalize specific to your child. Here you can list all the “nice” tasks Santa saw them doing this year in order to continue to reinforce the favored behavior. (TIP: When personalizing this letter, “Santa” may wish to write in all CAPS to help stay on theme and disguise any super observant kiddos.)

Download Letter from Santa Here

Want to take the letters to and from Santa to the next level?

Remember this for next year! According to the United States Postal Service, your child can receive their official reply from Santa in the mail with an official North Pole Postmark! How cool is that?! Oh and the best part…. it is FREE!

Here is how it is done:

  • Download the above Letter to Santa printable and allow your child to personalize their letter.
  • Place the Letter to Santa in an envelope and address it to: Santa Claus, North Pole.
  • Download the above Letter from Santa printable and help Santa personalize it for your child (be sure to fill out the letter before mailing).
  • Place the Letter from Santa in an envelope and address it to your child. Add return address: SANTA, NORTH POLE. Be sure to add a first-class mail stamp to the envelope.
  • Place both envelopes into a larger envelope (with necessary postage) and address it to:

ANCHORAGE, AK 99530-9998

*** NOTE: Letters from Santa have to be received by the Anchorage, AK Postmaster no later than December 15th in order to make sure your child receives their reply. While unfortunately it may be too late to attempt this holiday season, be sure and bookmark or pin this page for next year to your Pinterest favorites!

Happy writing!

Have your kiddos written their letter to Santa yet? Does Santa reply in your household?

Please note that the files for these “Letters to/from Santa” are for personal use only. Redistribution and/or reselling for commercial use is strictly prohibited. If you would like to share these “Letters to/from Santa” with friends, you are free to do so but must link directly back to this post. Please do not link directly to the download file. Thank you!


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