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All year-long we tell our children, “You best behave because Santa is watching!” or “Don’t you want to make “Santa’s nice list”?”, when their behavior is a bit sub par. Then come Christmas morning, more times than not, Santa delivers and signifies that your kiddos have made his “nice list” after all. However, wouldn’t it be ideal if each gift your child opens would help reinforce his or her good behavior that put him or her on that “nice list” to begin with? This is where my gift tags come in!


On each present attach a “Santa’s NICE List” gift tag and reward your child for their good behavior. This will be the gift that keeps on giving– for the parents that is! When your child sees that they made Santa’s “nice list” after “having taken out the garbage”, “being a sweet big sister”, “helping hold that door at the store”, “being polite to strangers”, “finishing their vegetables at dinner”, or whatever the deed may be, they will be more likely to remember that the whole year through and carry on the positive behavior. Win-win!

img_0376 Simply click on this link and download my FREE custom printable! Either print out on regular computer paper, cardstock or sticky paper. From there, punch a hole in the designated location and attach to the present with a ribbon or tape/stick directly to the gift. Have fun with this new tradition and personalize it to your needs; however, I like the idea of each gift representing a separate “nice” task completed by the child. After all, why not reinforce as much good behavior as you can? Am I right?! Thanks Santa ;)!

Why did your child make the “nice list” this year? Comment below!



Please note that the files for these “Santa’s Nice List Gift Tags” are for personal use only. Redistribution and/or reselling for commercial use is strictly prohibited. If you would like to share these “Santa’s Nice List Gift Tags” with friends, you are free to do so but must link directly back to this post. Please do not link directly to the download file. Thank you!

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