How to Always Remember Your Child’s Unforgettable Quotes

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“I can’t carry that. It is too big for my tiny hands.”

“That little birdie looks cold out there.”

“Daddy, pulling weeds just makes me soooo happy!”

“Mommy, why you eating that string cheese by yourself? That isn’t for you, that is for kiddies and other little people.”

These are are just a few of the endless phrases I find my toddler saying daily. Each and every day my husband and I look at each other and laugh about the wild and imaginative things that comes off of her little two-year-old mind and out of her mouth. These funny sayings stick with us for a day or two and then before we know it, they are gone and often forgotten. In fact, trying to rack my brain for just three of her most recent phrases in order to write the opening of this post ended up being quite the challenge.

how to, remember child's unforgettable quotes, child's quotes, quotes, unforgettable quotes, documenting childhood quotes, documenting child quotes, remembering things kids say

Oh I Will Always Remember Those Sayings

Now, you may be sitting there thinking, “Oh I will never forget my little one’s adorable one liners.” However, I challenge you to think of your top 5 right now off the top of your head.

Ready… GO!

Not so easy was it?

If you found it difficult to remember then you are not alone. In fact, unless you are lucky enough to catch some hilarious comments from your toddler on video, chances are that 99% of the adorable and often times hilarious things your toddler will say will be forgotten.

Why Do I Need to Remember Them

You also may be asking yourself the rather obvious question, “Why do I need to remember the things my kiddo says?”.

The truthful answer is… you don’t. You don’t need to remember a single thing your kiddo says, heck perhaps 70% of it you would rather not remember (let’s be fair… this wonderful age (toddlerhood specifically) is also accompanied by lots of whining that we often tune out and would gladly forget).

However, the other truthful answer is that the things your kiddo says are also often endearing, comical and help illicit wonderful memories. Essentially, the things they say often times create a scrapbook where words, instead of pictures, help document a specific time in their lives.

So How Will I Remember Them?

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Now that I may have convinced you to keep track of those famous one-liners, you may be wondering exactly how to best do this?

In order to tell you “how”, I must tell you why I found a need and how I stumbled upon the answer.

A few weeks ago my husband and I found ourselves out on a date (a rare occurrence when you have young children). After spending our lunch date breaking the cardinal sin of what they say NOT to do when out on a date, we found ourselves exclusively talking about our children and the funny things our toddler has most recently said. My husband then asked, “What was that hilarious thing she said a couple of weeks ago referencing that truck?” We hemmed and hawed but unfortunately, we just couldn’t come to the answer. Chalking it up to just another forgotten memory, we carried on with our date day and found ourselves window shopping at a gift and novelty shop. Here, amongst the wacky refrigerator magnets and rather questionable choice of reading glasses, we stumbled upon a book titled, “My Quotable Kid: A Parents’ Journal of Unforgettable Quotes“.

Quotable Kid Books

This practical and straight forward coffee table sized book was the perfect solution to our forgotten memories. Providing a journal of sorts, this book allowed us to begin jotting down those lasting memories, their context, and our child’s exact age when sharing.

Research shows that by writing down thoughts, memories and ideas, that you are far more likely to remember them. Reason being is that writing things down help move them from your short-term memory to your long-term memory.

By simply purchasing this book, we now have a scrapbook of memories at our disposal for years to come. A book that will provide us with a good laugh at the end of a hard day. A book that will bring about wonderful conservation starters. And a book that will help give us patience when we read the sweet and heartfelt quotes after an exhausting and long day of parenting.

The Solution

If you are finding yourself reading this post and realizing just how many memories are now forgotten, I would highly recommend purchasing a quotable journal of your own. With a variety of quotable books ideal for parents and grandparents alike, these journals are not only the perfect item to buy yourself, but would also make for a wonderful baby shower or new baby gift.

A few recommendations are listed below:

My Quotable Kid: A Parents’ Journal of Unforgettable Quotes

My Quotable Grandkid: A Grandparent’s Journal of Unforgettable Quotes

My Quotable Kid: A Marble Notebook for Parents to Keep Track of Their Quoteworthy Kid’s Memorable Quotes

My Kid’s Funniest Quotes: A Parent’s Journal


Happy journaling! I’d love to hear a quotable moment from your kiddo! Please share below!

how to, remember child's unforgettable quotes, child's quotes, quotes, unforgettable quotes, documenting childhood quotes, documenting child quotes, remembering things kids say


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  1. It is such a treasure to have those adorable quotes written down and saved,… because you really DO forget them! Even the oh, so cute saying that you KNOW you will remember! As my kids are getting older, they LOVE to read and hear these precious sayings… though they blush when one is about them and they can’t imagine they actually SAID that. 🙂 So fun.

    1. I’m so glad you shared this perspective! I was wondering how kids would enjoy hearing them when they are older but couldn’t speak to this personally given my kids are still quite young. I love that this keepsake will be something they can enjoy when they are older as well! Thaks so much for sharing!

  2. I used a devotional book which had discussion questions with my daughter Nora. Just wrote down exactly what she told me. Precious, and insightful into their understanding at the moment. A gift…and yes use ink or thin line permanent markers. Perhaps a different color for each child as you recycle through the book for the next child?

  3. This is a fantastic idea. In my large family (15 of us kids), there are several quotes that we still say and laugh about to this day. It’s a wonderful family thing to share and to bring back such happy, simpler times. Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. I absolutely love this! I write down our kids’ quotes, but not in a special notebook like that. What a great idea. Just this morning I had a quote to write down from my four-year-old. 🙂

  5. I’m so with you on the importance (and amusement) of documenting #RealKidQuips. We even feature parents’ top picks several times a year (because other people’s kids are hilarious too). 😄 Thanks for sharing this, and feel free to share your fave Real Kid Quips at TiP!

  6. I used to write down the silly /funny things my kids said. They love me reminding them at 21st birthday celebrations or when they have a new boyfriend or girlfriend!
    You are right, you must write them down, you are never going to remember them properly!

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