Ultimate List of Creative & Unique Gifts for Mom

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With Mother’s Day right around the corner…

Have you secured the ultimate gift idea for that special mother in your life?

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If you have exhausted the same gift ideas for mom, have difficulty pinpointing her style to shop on your own, or just want something that will make her know you have her utmost joy at heart, then this guide is for you!

Whether you are shopping for your own mother, someone you consider to be the definition of a motherly figure, or are assisting your younger kiddos in shopping for their mama… check out this ultimate list of creative and unique gifts.

I have compiled a list of what I have found to be some of the most unique and creative ideas for moms. Looking to score some extra points? Keep this list on hand for future gifts as well (think birthdays, holidays and more)!

The Ultimate List of Creative & Unique Gifts for Mom

My Pillow

Who wouldn’t love the gift of a good night’s sleep? Guaranteed to be the most comfortable pillow you will ever use or your money back. As a mom to an infant and a toddler, sleep sure is precious and optimal sleeping comfort is key. I first learned about this product through an infomercial and I must admit, I am so interested in seeing if this product lives up to its hype. Click here and Save 30% with Promo Code AFL30

Crafting Classes by CreativeBug

Is that special mom in your life big into crafting? (If so, she sounds like my kind of gal!) This awesome purchase allows you to gift unlimited access to over 1,000 different craft classes (new ones constantly being added). Allow mom to pursue her passion through online tutorials, where she will think of you every single time she logs into her personal account. Not only is this a gift that keeps on giving, but it is also super affordable. At just under $5.00 a month, select how many months you wish to extend the subscription. Click here to check out Over 1000 Online Art & Craft Classes Just $4.95 a month!

Blue Apron

Does mom like to cook? Give her the gift of food. Heck, maybe this gift will end up gifting you in return if you get to enjoy the final product. All necessary ingredients and recipes will be shipped directly to mom’s door where she can enjoy preparing in the comfort of her own kitchen. Different pricing packages are available, but for a limited time you can enjoy 3 meals free with your first order by clicking here.


Something about subscription boxes are so exciting to me! Perhaps it is because this gift keeps on giving after the date of delivery. This seasonal gift box will be stuffed full of full-sized beauty, fashion, fitness, tech and lifestyle products. How cool is that?! Check out this seasonal gift here. Use code “SPRINGTIME” for $10 off your purchase!


Busy kiddos often means this mama goes without makeup. However, when I do get that opportunity to paint my face, I relish in the fact that I know the products are quality. If this sounds like the mom in your life, then why not gift her Sephora makeup or skin care products? Click here for numerous gift ideas and bundles. Not sure what she’d like best? She’ll love a gift card! Trust me.

Nixplay Photo Frame

Okay friends, this gift idea is definitely one of my favorites. I stumbled upon this company and their products around the holidays when I was in search of the perfect gift for my parents. This amazing digital photo frame is completely unique. Unlike other digital photo frames where you have to sit and upload photos onto a chip or thumb drive that is then inserted into the frame, this one allows you to do it all from the click of your smartphone. Here is how it works: you purchase the frame and then download the app on your phone. Then, whenever you take a picture on your phone that you think you’d like on your frame you simply add it to your app and boom, the picture is now on your frame. The best part?… this can all be done remotely! This means that by sharing your frame password with another family member, you can allow them to add photos to your frame as well. How cool is that?! Click here to enjoy free shipping on your purchase or to check out the latest products.

Stitch Fix

Does mom love to shop for new clothes, but struggles to find the time? Or perhaps she loves to be up-to-date with the latest trends but can’t quite complete that ideal look herself? Insert Stitch Fix. This awesome service will gift mom with her own personal stylist. Here is how it works: mom signs into her personal account where she fills out her own style profile. From there, she selects the date in which she wants her package delivered. A personal stylist then hand picks ideal clothing items and accessories that fits mom’s style. The items are shipped to mom where she can try them on in the comfort of her home. She keeps and purchases what she likes and sends back the rest. If she enjoys the service, she can continue to schedule shipments on a more regular basis! Purchase a Stitch Fix Gift Card here and simply print it out right at home. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

LovePop Cards

More times than not, a beautiful card to let mom know you are thinking of her is all that it takes. So why not say how grateful you are for all she does and how much you love her with these amazing cards? First shown on Shark Tank, I fell in love with these 3D paper sculptures. Bonus points for a specific Mother’s Day category of cards! Be sure and check out these adorable Mother’s Day Pop Up Cards.

Ecocentric Mom Gift Box

Gift mom another fabulous subscription service! I love that this gift is perfect for ANY mom, including moms-to-be. These non-toxic, healthy, organic, earth-friendly products will be shipped directly to mom’s door for her to enjoy alone or with her kiddos! Each box will contain 5-9 products and range from personal care products, home products, food, treats and more! Click here to give a Mom Gift Box Subscription and enjoy free shipping + 3 Box Choices!


There is something just so heartwarming about personalized photo gifts. You simply can’t go wrong when taking a precious photo that mom will love and turning it into a keepsake. Another huge benefit to this option is that there is quite a large price range so you can spend as little or as much as you desire. Click here to check out a list of unique photo gift ideas featured at Shutterfly.


The perfect gift for the mom looking to get in shape. This amazing online fitness membership program focuses on full body workouts for women both during and after pregnancy. Specifically, this program focuses on “mummy tummy” in a safe and supportive environment. Click here to check it out and gift a membership.


This exciting shop allows you to be the designer and personalize items for mom without having to necessarily add a picture as well. From totes to mugs, jewelry and more… I love searching through the pages and pages of available items. Check out Zazzle’s list of Personalized Mother’s Day Gifts.

Target Gift Card

What mom doesn’t love Target? If none of the above ideas seem to be an ideal fit for the mom in your life, you are sure to have success with Target. Click here to purchase your card.


I am most hopeful that this list has provided you with some exciting inspiration to gift that special mom in your life. A special shout out to all the wonderful mothers out there. I for one, couldn’t be more blessed to not only be a mother, but to have the amazing mother that I do… and I wish the same for you! 

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  1. These are all wonderful ideas for Mother’s Day Gifts. Practical and fun! Thanks for sharing at Snickerdoodle. Pinning to my Mother’s Day Board.

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