How to Have a Balloon Prayer Party

The invites were sent, the cake was ordered, the menu was determined and her christening gown was laid out… the planning for my daughter’s dedication day at church was well underway. We were most excited for this very important and memorable day in our baby girl’s life.


Having dedicated our oldest daughter just two years prior, we knew that our minister would deliver a heartfelt and personalized dedication speech in honor of our daughter. Afterwards, all of our loved ones would reconvene at our house for a celebratory lunch and party. As wonderful as this day was the first time around, if I could have changed one factor, it would have been allowing our closest loved ones in attendance to have had a larger role in blessing our baby girl. This was when a “balloon prayer party” came to mind!


I decided to create paper hearts that I could easily print, hole punch and place out at the celebratory party. Each heart would allow each of our loved ones to write their blessings for our baby girl. I would then purchase one balloon per guest so that each heart could be tied to a corresponding balloon. After attaching each heart to its balloon, I would then ask each guest to hold their balloon and one by one read aloud their prayers for our baby girl. Then, weather permitting (after all this is Wisconsin we are talking about here), we would all file outside and release our prayers (balloons) up to Heaven.

Without a doubt, next only to the dedication service itself, this was my favorite part of the entire day. I will never forget seeing our loved ones holding their balloon and reading aloud their prayers. Afterwards, watching all the balloons simultaneously being released was the greatest symbolism of the day.

There were so many elements I loved about this event, but perhaps most, I loved that it allowed those who came to celebrate our daughter, those who wish for her a Godly life, and those who love her unconditionally, to be able to have such an important role on such an important day.


Reflecting back on the day, I can’t help but think how this tradition could be used again and again for not only church dedication/christening/baptisms but also for weddings, baby showers, first birthday parties and more! I love this tradition so much, that I’ve included both the explanation sheet and paper heart printables below for FREE download! Click each to enjoy!

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