One Year Later: How I’ve Successfully Continued to Exclusively Breastfeed After Returning to Work

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As if transitioning back to work after maternity leave didn’t bring about enough anxiety all in and of itself, fretting about how to continue a successful breastfeeding relationship proved to be the icing on a very stress-induced cake. Or so this was the case for me. Find out how one year later, I have maintained a successful exclusive breastfeeding relationship with my baby after returning to work.

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Finding the “Me Time” You Deserve and NEED as a Mom of Young Children

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The truth is, we can try to do it all. We can try to be that mythical “super mom” until we reach that final straw and we burn out. And as ironic as it may be, it is usually the smallest thing that puts us over the edge. I once had a complete meltdown because the tab on the diaper I was changing broke. Of course it had nothing to do with the tab, but I had reached my boiling point. And once we do burn out and hit that metaphorical boiling point, even the “best” moms become useless to their children.

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Designing a Nursery with Paper Flowers

As soon as the sonographer told us we were expecting our second baby girl (or third if you throw our canine daughter into the equation), I immediately began thinking about her nursery! Okay, maybe not “immediately”, as I was first and foremost overcome with excitement and joy to think of getting to be a mommy to yet another precious baby girl (I LOVE raising little ladies, a.k.a. “best friends”). With that said, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t pinning ideas into my baby girl’s nursery board by the end of that very same evening!

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A Mom/Occupational Therapist’s Guide to Making Sensory Boards & Cards

When my oldest daughter was around six months old, she began to sit independently. As wonderful as it was to witness her meeting a new milestone, I very quickly learned that this new skill came with its own set of obstacles. No longer was my little lady content to play with her infant toys.

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