Hi there! I’m Lindsay, and I am so glad you are here!

Are you equally in love with sewing, woodworking, painting, home decorating, family crafting, and organizing?

No?, well me neither! In fact, I believe that you can easily consider yourself “creativity obsessed” (like I do!) without having to love every facet of creativity or without wanting to implement it into every area of your life.

Are you a professional seamstress, interior designer, event planner, graphic designer, parenting expert, or organizational guru?

No?, well be neither! I truly believe that you do not have to have a professional degree in a creativity related field in order to allow your creative side to come across in those domains. After all, there is no right or wrong way to be creative.

Who am I? Well, now that you know that I don’t have a professional degree in art or design, or that I’m an equal lover of all thing “creative”, you may be wondering who exactly I am.

I am a wife, a mother to two (make that three as I’d never leave out of my adorable Golden Retriever) precious little girls, a photographer (you can check out my business here), and an occupational therapist by trade (where I work in an acute care hospital helping individuals of all ages (pediatrics-geriatrics) find creative solutions to everyday life in order to gain independence whenever feasible). Oh… and I must not forget… I am OBSESSED with creativity and have been since the day I was born (or so I am told).

It is no secret that I love being creative (hey, I just considered myself “creativity obsessed” after all), but I’d be lying if I told you that there weren’t times when I opted to purchase (paying far more than I care to admit) items that I could have easily created myself. Why? Because… despite my creativity addiction, life doesn’t stop and I’m a busy, working, sleep-deprived mama. And this is why I created “Simply September”. I consider “Simply September” a place where I can share ways in which I try to incorporate creativity into everyday life. I’m most hopeful that in turn, when you consider yourself in a creative drought or just don’t have the time to tap into your creative side… that you can either pull from the ideas or live vicariously through the posts I create here.

Consider “Simply September” as a one-stop location to explore your creative side.

Why “Simply September”?  “Simply September” is a culmination of everything that I love wrapped up under the name of my favorite month. Being born in September myself, both my daughters then followed suit with September birthdays. Therefore, the month will forever remain one of my favorites; as one of the few things I love more than being creative, is being a mom!

I hope you will stick around! Here you will find craft tutorials, DIY home projects, parenting tips (I’m definitely not an expert but have had success with some creative strategies along the way), home decorating ideas, printables, entertaining ideas, ways to incorporate family fun, useful everyday tips which I find beneficial, and so much more. Take a look around and enjoy! If you wish to be notified of most recent blog posts and have dibs at FREE printables, please be sure to enter your email address below! Oh, and please don’t hesitate to contact me at: lindsay@simplyseptember.com

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