Hi there! I'm Lindsay, and I am so glad you are here!

Believe it or not, I know exactly who you are. I know that you love being creative. I know that you love thinking outside of the box. And I know that you love allowing your creative talents to inspire the way you live so much of your everyday life- through organization, entertaining, home decorating, cooking, socializing, parenting, etc.

However, I also know that as much as you adore your creative lifestyle, there is something else that you love (even that much more), making finding the time for the above that much more difficult... being a mom.

As much as you wish you could soak up every single minute of being a mom (Okay maybe not EVERY single minute. If doing it all over again, I would GLADLY fast forward through the colicky screaming, temper tantrums, all nighters, and diaper blowouts... and that is just in the first few years of toddlerhood.), you'd be lying if you said you didn't crave the time and often the energy to up your creative game on a daily basis.

You may be wondering by now, just how I seem to know so much about you. Well, the answer is rather simple.

It is because I'm you.

I'm obsessed with creativity (always have been, always will be). I love crafting when possible, get a huge high out of home decorating, love finding unique ways to entertain and party plan, and adore the challenge of finding unique and creative tips and tricks to everyday life.

In fact, I love using creativity in everyday life so much that I decided to pursue a career in occupational therapy. As an occupational therapist, I work at an acute care hospital helping patients (from pediatrics to geriatrics), find creative and out-of-the-box ways to regain their independence in everyday life whenever possible.

However, above all of the interests and roles mentioned above, I love being a mom and wife the best. Blessed with three little girls (one which is a canine, and if you stick around here for a while you will soon learn I consider her one of my children) and an incredibly supportive husband, I strive on a daily basis to not only dedicate my time to them, but also to my creative interests. Knowing first hand, that despite my desire to live a creative lifestyle, I'm still a busy, working, sleep-deprived mama trying to jam pack a 36-hour day into a 24-hour period. And so, "Simply September" was born.

Why you'll love it here.

Determined to create a space for like-minded women to tap into their creative side, while simultaneously juggling life's daily demands (parenting, working outside or inside the home, etc.), I created "Simply September".

Here you will find craft tutorials, DIY home projects, parenting tips, party planning inspiration, organizational recommendations, family fun ideas, everyday life tricks, and a HUGE library of FREE printables to download, print and use along the way.

Staying true to the realities of our everyday busy lives, posts will be centered around inspiration and tips that can be carried out with often little time (and as a bonus, little expense).

Consider "Simply September" as a one-stop location to explore your creative side.

Why "Simply September"?

"Simply September" is a culmination of everything that I love wrapped up under the name of my favorite month. Being born in September myself, both my daughters then followed suit with September birthdays. Therefore, the month will forever remain one of my favorites; as one of the few things I love more than being creative, is being a mom!

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