10 Easy Ways to Document Holiday Memories: FREE Printable

How is it possible that Christmas will be here and gone in less than a week?! All this time preparing for the holiday and yet it unfortunately comes and goes so quickly, leaving us with only our memories. Wouldn't it be great if we could bottle the smell of Christmas breakfast, the look of excitement on our child's face as they see that Santa delivered, or the sound of Christmas music mixed with laughter as we gather with our loved ones? I've compiled a list of 10 ways to document your holiday memories so that you can relive them for years to come!

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Letters to/from Santa: FREE Printables

With Christmas just around the corner, has your child written to/received a letter from Santa?! Don't worry, you still have time! I've created free printables that will make the task a breeze. Download the files in order to personalize the letters today! Want Santa's response to come from The North Pole? Find out how!

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How to Make Winter/Holiday Pillow Slipcovers (TUTORIAL)

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While decorating for the holidays this year I looked around and realized that my couch pillows were not very festive and in some rooms the color combinations even clashed (oh the horror!). I contemplated purchasing a few new ones for the season... and by a few, I tallied that I would need about 11 pillows to satisfy by design craving. However, after a quick stroll down the pillow section at the store and a thorough scan online, I realized I'd be investing a small fortune. Additionally, I discovered that this would mean finding a location to store these 11 pillows throughout the remainder of the year. That's when I decided to create my own slipcovers...

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FREE Printable: Santa’s “Nice” List Gift Tag

All year-long we tell our children, "You better behave because Santa is watching!" or "Don't you want to make Santa's "nice" list?", when their behavior is a bit sub par. Then come Christmas morning, more times than not, Santa delivers and signifies that your kiddos have made his "nice" list after all. However, wouldn't it be nice if each gift he or she opens would help reinforce their good behavior that put them on that "nice" list to begin with?...

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Start a Family Tradition: Christmas Books

The only thing better than Christmastime, family traditions and children’s books?!– the opportunity to combine them all! I absolutely love this fun family tradition and can’t wait to start it this year with my girls.

This enjoyable tradition is inexpensive to carry out annually (once you have acquired your book collection) and is sure to bring a smile...

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