Designing a Nursery with Paper Flowers

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As soon as the sonographer told us we were expecting our second baby girl (or third if you throw our canine daughter into the equation), I immediately began thinking about her nursery! Okay, maybe not “immediately”, as I was first and foremost overcome with excitement and joy to think of getting to be a mommy to yet another precious baby girl (I LOVE raising little ladies, a.k.a. “best friends”). With that said, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t pinning ideas into my baby girl’s nursery board by the end of that very same evening!

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Determining the Nursery Focal Point

Just over one year earlier, I had completed what I already found to be my ideal little girl’s nursery when we brought home our firstborn daughter. I poured my heart and soul into a wall mural while combining soft shades of pink, white, brown and gold into artwork and fabrics.  Now, not even a couple years later, how could I possibly create a completely unique space for little lady #2 that I loved just as much? I didn’t want to simply re-design what had already been done with another wall mural, but instead I wanted my new little lady to have her own nursery focal point. Furthermore, I wanted something for above her crib that I didn’t have to lay awake at night fearing could come crashing down.

This was when I came to the idea of large, oversized wall flowers. This time around, I decided to embrace soft shades of pink, brown, yellow, green and gray; allowing the flowers themselves to set the stage for the remainder of the decor, bedding and furniture.

Deciding to Craft the Flowers

We were smack dab in the middle of trying to complete a house renovation while also preparing for baby girl’s arrival. What little time I had when I wasn’t working, cleaning, feeling ill (I was one of those “lucky” ones that was on the highest dose of anti-nausea medicine and yet still was getting sick right up until delivery) or chasing a toddler around, I was in full nesting mode and doing an organization overhaul on my house. I really didn’t have the time to take on a huge craft project… or so I thought. I began to shop around for oversized flowers. Plastic, paper, fabric; it didn’t matter what medium, they just had to “feel” right to me in the space.

After weeks of searching I decided that if I truly wanted the look to turn out like it was in my head, I needed to bite the bullet and craft them myself! Boy (or should I say “girl” ;)), was I glad I did! The end result was exactly what I wanted– a collection of paper flowers.


Designing the Flowers

It turns out the hardest/most time consuming part of the entire project was just deciding to start. (Now isn’t that a metaphor for life!) After developing a loose plan in my head, I ventured off to the local craft store to purchase cardstock paper. I came home, began experimenting with stencil sizes for my petals, whipped out my hot glue gun and got to work. At the end of a very craft filled weekend, my daughter’s floral nursery was born!


Completing the Nursery Look

After hanging the flowers, it was obvious that I wanted them to speak for themselves and not overpower the space with heavy decor elsewhere. With that said, I shopped around for artwork (bonus points if it had a fun saying as I’m fairly obsessed with signage. See here for proof), bedding, a glider and accent pieces that fit with my overall theme. Known to be a bargain shopper, I was so pleased when I completed my look with fabulous deals at: Target, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Marshalls, Gordman’s, Home Depot, Etsy and Wayfair! The end result was a space that felt super inviting, calming and unique to me. Turns out my little lady was super eager to see it too and couldn’t quite wait until her due date (arriving just over three weeks early)!

Since finishing my baby girl’s nursery I stumbled upon this amazing tutorial for a Paper Flower Chandelier. Seriously, how amazing would this look in the space?!



Additional Flower Use

I’ve grown to love decorating with these flowers so much that I’ve created them to use for decoration outside of the nursery as well! Perfect for decorating for my daughter’s dedication party, when hosting bridal or baby showers, at a wedding ceremony or reception, etc… the possibilities are endless!

Available for Purchase on SimplySeptemberShop

Want to use these flowers to decorate that special room in your home or that upcoming event in your life? Custom orders and pre-made selections can be found here!



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  1. These came out beautiful. I’ve recently become obsessed with making paper flowers, even though I didn’t really have a plan for using them. This gives me a cupe of good possibilities.

  2. The flowers are just lovely, I’m curious to know how you hang them.
    And your beautiful daughter is just lovely too, bless her arriving early to see her lovely room!

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