Remembering Past Homes Through Wall Decor

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Have you recently moved or know someone who has? Then this is the perfect project for you!

More times than not, moving is an emotional time. You are leaving behind a home that often times has many memories tied to physical objects. Within those walls you may have brought your child home from the hospital. On that staircase, your teenager may have posed for their high school dance portraits. In that backyard you may have celebrated your retirement party. Whatever the association, the physical appearance of the front of that home may forever hold a special place in your heart. Or at least I knew this was the case for my family…

After my parents relocated, I decided I wanted some sort of homemade gift that could serve two purposes: 1) decorate their new home and 2) help illicit those wonderful memories tied to past homes. This was when I decided to create a very basic, yet sentimental gift– a frame displaying their past homes. This same idea has now been passed around and served as a perfect gift for many of my loved ones.


  1. Locate pictures of the front of each of the past homes. Tip: if you don’t have a picture of a former home from the time you or your loved one resided in the home (perhaps from 20+ years ago in some cases) and don’t wish to ruin the gift surprise by asking the recipient… (if possible and not out of state), simply drive to the home and snap one now. While certain aspects of the front of the home (i.e. landscaping, porch decor), may look somewhat different… the concept still works! (Note: if a previous home was that of an apartment, be sure and include this as well if it was sentimental to the recipient!)
  2. You can choose to either keep the pictures in color or turn them into black and white. Personally, I opt for the black and white look. I enjoy the classic look of this and feel the flow of the entire art piece works better this way.
  3. You will want to be sure all pictures are printed in the same direction (i.e. all portrait or all landscape) so they fit effectively in a frame. I believe all horizontal is ideal for this project in order to get the length of the home.
  4. Print the photos and place them in a picture frame. Here is the kicker… you will need a frame that has the appropriate number of open slots that is in alignment with the number of previous homes. Make sense? In other words, if you have lived in three homes prior to the new one (I don’t usually include the newest home in the frame as I feel like it isn’t quite a memory if you are currently residing in the home) then you would need a frame with three slots. Finding a frame like this can prove to be a bit tricky so I’ve done some online digging for you. Below are some options for frames! Simply click on them to purchase and skip the shopping trip.
  5. Frame the pictures and enjoy!! You now have a very special piece of wall decor for your new home, or the perfect sentimental house warming gift for a loved one!


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  1. This is super cute! What a great idea. I want to pull out the albums and make something like this now! Thanks for sharing your tutorial at the #happynowlinkup

  2. What a great gift and memory. I grew up moving a lot, my mom paints water colors and has often done house portraits for people of the homes they have lived in. Thanks for linking up to #HomeMattersParty

  3. That is a sweet idea! It would be fun to display the homes my husband and I grew up in too! I’m going to search for some photos! Thanks for linking this idea up with Funtastic Friday!

  4. Such a lovely idea! I especially like the way you’ve printed the photos in black and white–a timeless look.

    Thank you for joining the Grace at Home party at Imparting Grace. I’m featuring you this week!

  5. Cool idea!! We were a military family and moved A LOT! This would be so cool to have, unfortunately many of our previous homes are in other countries. Another idea to get the images is to do a google map search and just use the shot they have of the home now. Thanks for sharing!!

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