How to Easily Build a Command Center

Every year as New Year’s Eve approaches, I tell myself that my resolution is to become more organized. Then every year, after only a few months, my organizational skills fall by the wayside. Why?– because life gets crazy and it feels like endless needs and plans take precedence over the idea of organizing my life. However, the irony is that my life wouldn’t seem half as crazy if only I had stayed organized from the start. This year, now that we are blessed with kiddo #2, I feel more than ever that I need to make a resolution of organization that will stick. So, say “hello” to my organizational command center!

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How to Make Winter/Holiday Pillow Slipcovers (TUTORIAL)

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While decorating for the holidays this year I looked around and realized that my couch pillows were not very festive and in some rooms the color combinations even clashed (oh the horror!). I contemplated purchasing a few new ones for the season… and by a few, I tallied that I would need about 11 pillows to satisfy by design craving. However, after a quick stroll down the pillow section at the store and a thorough scan online, I realized I’d be investing a small fortune. Additionally, I discovered that this would mean finding a location to store these 11 pillows throughout the remainder of the year. That’s when I decided to create my own slipcovers…

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