How to Creatively Decorate with Books

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Looking for a creative way to use books? And no, I'm not talking about their rather obvious use for reading. What I am talking about is their unique ability to provide a fun flair to home decorating. Enjoy a few fun and easy ways to incorporate books (and book pages) into your interior design!

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Designing a Nursery with Paper Flowers

As soon as the sonographer told us we were expecting our second baby girl (or third if you throw our canine daughter into the equation), I immediately began thinking about her nursery! Okay, maybe not "immediately", as I was first and foremost overcome with excitement and joy to think of getting to be a mommy to yet another precious baby girl (I LOVE raising little ladies, a.k.a. "best friends"). With that said, I would be lying if I said I wasn't pinning ideas into my baby girl's nursery board by the end of that very same evening!

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How to Easily Build a Command Center

Every year as New Year's Eve approaches, I tell myself that my resolution is to become more organized. Then every year, after only a few months, my organizational skills fall by the wayside. Why?-- because life gets crazy and it feels like endless needs and plans take precedence over the idea of organizing my life. However, the irony is that my life wouldn't seem half as crazy if only I had stayed organized from the start. This year, now that we are blessed with kiddo #2, I feel more than ever that I need to make a resolution of organization that will stick. So, say "hello" to my organizational command center!

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