The Ultimate Hostess Gift to Bring to Your Next Football Gathering

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While I most certainly do love watching a football game and cheering on our team, I’d be lying if I said I┬ádidn’t equally love football parties. Nothing screams fall and football time more than tailgates and home parties. Think loud cheering, fun snacks, lots of laughs with friends… it just doesn’t get much better than that! Always a sucker for gift baskets, I decided to put together my go-to hostess gift for football gatherings.

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Remembering Past Homes Through Wall Decor

More times than not, moving is an emotional time. You are leaving behind a home that often times has many memories tied to physical objects. Within those walls you may have brought your child home from the hospital. On that staircase, your teenager may have posed for their high school dance portraits. In that backyard you may have celebrated your retirement party. Whatever the association, the physical appearance of the front of that home may forever hold a special place in your heart. Or at least I knew this was the case for my family…

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How to Create a Personalized Memory Game (TUTORIAL)

This year for the holidays I knew I wanted to craft a special gift for my daughters and nieces. A gift that could be considered a game or toy, but that could also be considered a quieter activity (what parent doesn’t love some quiet time… am I right?!). I brainstormed for a while but kept being drawn to the idea of a game. It may just be the occupational therapist in me, but I am all about visual learning and fine motor activities that can be incorporated into play time. This is when I decided to create a personalized memory game!

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